We provide full cycle development services

  • Idea Evaluation

    We start from the very beginning by discussing your business goals and problems you’re going to solve. We ask the right questions, analyze the competitors, look at the risks, and provide honest feedback and a ballpark quote so that you can test your idea’s economic viability.

    You'll get:
    • Your idea evaluation
    • A ballpark quote
  • Business Analysis

    This step is focused on formalizing the general idea and shaping it as a list of functional and non-functional requirements. We analyze user flows, separate must have features from nice to have ones, specify technical challenges , and define third-party integrations.

    You'll get:
    • A well-grained list of requirements
    • Suggestions on technical implementation
    • More detailed quote based on feature list
  • Brand Identity

    Whether you’re a well-established business already or a fresh startup it’s important to define your brand’s identity — logos, colors and typography. The goal here is to provide future end users with a look and feel that gives a clear idea of your mission and provided services.

    You'll get:
    • Brand concept
    • Brandbook
  • UX/UI Design

    Our design team creates an interactive prototype of your future application that gives stakeholders and investors the clear vision of how it appeals to end users. Based on the prototype we do a final — the most precise — round of budget and timeline estimation.

    You'll get:
    • UX/UI mockups
    • Clickable prototype
    • The most precise quote
  • Development

    Development team does the magic — creates working software. Iterative and incremental process allows to track and measure progress. You can get a full picture of how things are going at any given point in time to make informed decisions right on the go.

    You'll get:
    • Biweekly demonstrations of the emerging app
    • Fully functional, tested, and deployed software
  • Maintenance

    Successful launch is just the beginning of the story. It could be compared to giving birth to a child — there’s a long way ahead still. And we’ll absolutely be there for you whether users require adding new features, changing existing ones, or fixing bugs.

    You'll get:
    • A highly responsive development partner to help your business skyrocket